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    Disney Corporate Culture- Your Opinions

    Hey All,

    I'm working on a paper and presentation for my Communication Studies Major and could use your help. I'm studying corporate communication and more specifically corporate culture. I would like to know your opinions and factual knowledge on the following:

    How is the culture of the Walt Disney Company different today than the day of Walt? If it is different, did it die with Walt or was it changed when Eisner came in from the outside of the company?

    What do you think? Perhaps you believe it is the same today as it was back in the 1950s. Give me your thoughts.

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    Re: Disney Corporate Culture- Your Opinions

    Well, the corporate culture was different at the studios compared to the parks. At the studios, no outsiders saw them and so the culture reportedly included swearing and smoking. I have read about this, but obviously I wasn't there to confirm that. Today, the corporate culture within the studios is somewhat different, with CEOs and upper management avoiding public behavior that is deemed negative.

    Since day one of Disneyland, however, Walt wanted "cast members" to be overly nice and helpful to guests, and that is a tradition that has carried on through today. There is even something called the "Disney look" that restricts a cast members physical attributes, such as hair length and color, visible piercings and tattoos, etc... This aspect of the culture started in the 60's to restrict female cast members from having the bee-hive hair style, but more rules were applied to restrict the facial hair of men. The corporate culture within the park has mostly remained the same since Walt's passing.

    One aspect of Disney corporate culture that has remained the same is referring to everyone on a first name basis. If you worked for Walt Disney, you simply called him Walt. If you worked with Imagineer Marty Sklar, he was just Marty. This is a tradition that is still in place today. If you work with Bob Iger, he isn't Mr. Iger, he is Bob.

    I hope this was helpful to you.

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