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    Seattle house tries to go 'Up'

    The Settle PI is reporting that someone in Washington got an idea after watching the previews for Disney / Pixar’s new movie ‘Up’, and decided to tie a bunch of balloons to a home.

    The house, formerly owned by the late Edith Macefield, has become a local landmark of sorts in Ballard, a suburb of Seattle. In 2007 a developer offered her 1 million dollars for her small 2 story home, in an effort to build a 5 story complex on her land. Ms Macefield refused, causing the developers to build around her home. (Think of Disney’s short, ‘The Little House’). The end result was that Ms. Macefield’s home was bordered on 3 sides by concrete walls and the other side by the street. Through it all, she never once considered giving up her home. much like the Pixar character, Carl Fredricksen. Ms. Macefield died last year at the age of 86.

    The event was actually a promotional stunt for ‘Up’, and while it may have looked good on paper, in reality it turned into a bust. For starters, they only brought 175 balloons with them (not really enough to make a good show), and then the wind picked up, blowing the balloons into the complex next door, popping most of them.
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    Re: Seattle house tries to go 'Up'

    Yay! I live in Ballard and I drive past this every day and totally missed it, my friend saw it though and got a picture. It was pretty....small compared to the actual balloon bunch in the movie but they were indeed "Up" balloons. Pretty cute!

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