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    Disney debuts new fireworks show

    Around Disney's coverage of the Magical sneak peak last night.

    Sneak peek: Disneyland shows off new fireworks show - Around Disney -

    This summer, Disney is launching a whole new show, “Magical”, which embodies Walt Disney’s idea that, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

    Disney gave guests a preview Wednesday night, as it went through a practice run in the skies above the theme park. On June 12, the new show officially begins its summer run. It is the first change in the fireworks show since 2005.

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    Re: Disney debuts new fireworks show

    Cool, I like the video they got of dumbo.
    Everybody's got a laughin' place-
    trouble is most folks won't take the time to go look for it.

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    Re: Disney debuts new fireworks show

    Thanks for the link. I can't get enough of Dumbo flying.

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    Re: Disney debuts new fireworks show

    Thanks for that link, Gregg. I like that there is a kind of story to the show. Can't wait to see it, whenever that may be!!
    I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

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    Re: Disney debuts new fireworks show

    Nothing like listening to 45 minutes worth of leaf blowers and high powered vacuum cleaners while exiting Disneyland. Perhaps the confetti used during the finale is a way to speed the guests out of the park.
    The show was fantastic. The music and sound system was amazing. Dumbo’s flight path was a bit odd. That wacky elephant looked a bit dazed and confused. Even with his drunken flight path, Dumbo still brought smiles and laughter to the crowd.
    Too bad our final memories of the day were the sounds of early morning landscapers. Next time we will avoid the traditional ice cream stop and our slow exit from the park. This fat man needs to start passing on the Gibson Girl Ice Cream intake.

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