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    Re: Six Flags goes Bankrupt

    This thread has taken a faster turn than anything you'd find on Colossus.
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Six Flags goes Bankrupt

    I'd liken it to the first drop on Goliath. Or Raven Turn #1 on X2.

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    Re: Six Flags goes Bankrupt

    I truly do believe Six Flags is making a great turn for the better, despite this piece of news.

    I just visited Six Flags Great America, which has always been one of the best parks in the chain (based on management, rides, variety, and atmosphere). I've always had a pretty good time at Great America and it's a very nice park--with some great coasters yet something for everyone. It is also very well-maintained.

    Great America was better this year than any other time I have visited. The employees, normally (in my experience) just "there," neither rude nor ebullient were genuinely happy and fun this year. Many greeted you personally and were having a great time working up the crowd. It was very nice.

    Also, the park was the cleanest I have ever seen it. Upper-level employees were easy to find and were constantly helping with the upkeep of the park. The bathrooms were among the cleanest I have ever seen at a theme park (yes, better than Disney World's...).

    Capacity was high at many of the attractions, even though a few attractions were down. Yankee Clipper was down, though it is basically a mirror copy of another log flume there... and yes, there are two log flume rides. One side of American Eagle was down as well (apparently there have been quite a few problems with Eagle this year.) And that was it... which is extremely good for a cool day in early June. The water park was open, despite it being only around 63 degrees all day.

    I am certain that Six Flags is improving. Finally they have begun to add more themed experiences appropriate for the entire family. While Great America is probably a highlight in the family of parks, I am sure that if (likely) the best can get better, the others in the chain are improving markedly.

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