Sony has really outdone themselves with viral marketing for "District 9":

First, the MNU (Multi National United) has their own website at Multi-National United - it contains lots of backstory on the company. Basically they are in contract to keep the non-humans seperate from all humans - however, as you dig deeper - you'll find that lots of their 'scientific research' came from harvesting the alien technology. There goal is to protect humans by keeping them seperate - and establishing a strict ruleset.

However, the MNUSpreadsLies website (run by 'Christopher' - one of the aliens) claims that MNU could care less about the well being of the aliens, and instead just uses them as slave labor. There's no services for the aliens, and the MNU is taking care of them worse than we would even the lowest humans. The blogs have both human and non-human comments. There's even fun PDF poster downloads, promoting Non-Human Equality. is the main website for the District itself (run by MNU), and contains information for both Humans and Non-Humans. You can signup for positions, and view alerts and information. You'll find that 'Christopher' is on the most wanted by MNU. Join the Non-Human Community Watch, and call their toll-free number (1-866-666-6001), and they'll put you and you're voice on a map, assuming you want to report a non-human. There's all kinds of other site features here, including Videos and more. The detail is amazing.

Finally, the MathsFromOuterSpace website (last updated 1994) - shows how MNU started into the business - it's a classic looking 1994 website with low quality GIFs and horrible fonts. This humorous website has a quiz that you can take (there's a couple of Calculus questions in there), but if you get 100% on the Quiz, you just get a 404 on the main MNU website.

The detail of these sites is wonderful! I love a fantastic backstory filled with drama, fake companies, and totally has me wanting to see this movie. I happened to stumble upon a link to the MNU from a websearch that I did, and it totally hooked me in. Fantastic job Sony!