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    Batman & Robin Yea or Nay!

    Many of you probably remember the horrible Batman & Robin film that came out back in 1997. I still remember watching it in the theatres thinking this is a really bad movie. Even at the time Disney's Hercules and Face/Off were way better than Batman and Robin. Batman and Robin was blamed on killing the Batman franchise. And it did. First of all Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy working together...come on. Mad Hatter and Scarecrow would have been a better villain team up.
    Joel Schumacher did a horrible job on Bane and never showed his true power and character. Bane in the movie was defeated by Robin. Okay, in the comics Bane breaks Batman's back. How can the boy wonder defeat Bane? The introduction of Barbara and Batgirl wasn't that bad. Almost all of the acting was horrible by everyone in the film. One of the stupidest quotes in the movie "You're not sending me to the Cooler!" What are your true feelings about Batman & Robin?
    I say nay for this movie.
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    Re: Batman & Robin Yea or Nay!

    Nay. TERRIBLE writing. Every other phrase spoken was a bad pun, play on words, and the like. It was altogether a garbage flick.
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    Re: Batman & Robin Yea or Nay!

    nay! it was a joke. what a cheap ice effect on the frozen city, you can clearly see a frozen car jiggle the ice around like plastic (which i'm sure it was). awful awful movie.

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    Re: Batman & Robin Yea or Nay!

    This, I think, is the best of the four films. The first was an over-hyped, over-blown melodrama. Batman Returns was Hamlet warmed over. Batman Forever went on forever and ever, what with Val Kilmer apeing the role and Jim Carrey rubberfacing the whole time. At least in Batman and Robin, Ah-nold brought some levity to the series.

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    Re: Batman & Robin Yea or Nay!

    I've only seen it once so I'd have to watch it again to see if it's really as bad as I remember it.

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    Re: Batman & Robin Yea or Nay!

    Nay! Tim Burton did an excellent job on Batman and Batman Returns. Then Schumacher came in for Batman Forever. That movie was good up til the end, then it all went downhill.

    George Clooney was not a good Batman. Everything that came out of Mr. Freeze's mouth was a horrible pun. Just a really bad movie.
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