1st and foremost I must say that Diablo Cody looks AMAZING in this clip. 2nd at 1:55 Megan Fox reliezes who is on the other side of the pillow she was snuggling during the interview and starts feeling it up.. Who is it!!! None other then a lot of girls Favorite Sparkly Vamp, Robert Pattinson. This movie sounds wicked, cool, yet a bit dumb at the same time. Megan Fox its super funny and comes off as being a rather nice person and down to earth. Wonder how much of that is actually true. I may actually go and see this. I like horror movies and havent gone to one in a long time.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7BlaM6Du1U]YouTube - Megan Fox talks dirty[/ame]