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    Re: District 9 - Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by sir clinksalot View Post
    I'd like to know who thought GI Joe was better than D9.
    I'd like to know how anyone could think this film is boring? Too be cool? Because Megan Fox wasn't there to shake her rack and arse around? Stupid middle school kids.

    Anyway, this movie was very good indeed. Easily the best live action sci-fi film in a long time. The gore at times was a bit much (I can handle Sweeney Todd, gun fights galore etc., but the surgery finger nail stuff was not for me!).

    Still very layered and impressive and I can easily see this movie begin shown in film studies classes in the future.
    I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?

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    Re: District 9 - Discussion Thread

    Really thought this movie was pretty great. Loved the choice of the main character, he was perfectly cast so that you can't help but think of him as the stupid bureaucrat. Such a well done film.

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