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    Kermit on Lady Gaga and Miss Piggy on The View

    The Muppets are know for bizarre behavior, and with the Muppets appearing in Disneyland this week, I started doing some Muppet searches online. Among some of the more intriguing rumors found at MuppetNewsFlash was one that Miss Piggy was going to do Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" at Macy's Glamorama Fashion Show in Minneapolis and Chicago . I couldn't find a video of that, but found something even MORE disturbing. "Kermit on Lady Gaga" in a German Interview!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lady GaGa German Interview - Kermit The Frog Outfit[/ame]

    And then, somehow, I missed this little gem, from earlier, this year ~
    Miss Piggy on "The View"

    [ame=""]YouTube - Miss Piggy on The View 02/12/09 (3 of 5)[/ame]

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    Re: Kermit on Lady Gaga and Miss Piggy on The View

    Uhm wow. I'd prefer it if Lady Gaga just kept to her wacky, pants-less outfits. I think she's pretty awesome, but this Kermit outfit is actually kind of disturbing. LOL @ the Miss Piggy on the View though. Hahaha.

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