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Thread: Enchanted 2

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    Enchanted 2

    In his article today, Jim Hill says Disney just registered Enchanted 2 as a domain name. What do you think? Would you want to see a sequel to Enchanted?

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    Re: Enchanted 2

    I enjoyed it enough that I'd see a sequel.

    As a gentle parody of classic Disney films, there's plenty more material to draw upon, to warrant further installments.
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    Re: Enchanted 2

    The first was a complete story arch. I don't know they could do a second one without it sucking wind, but I've been surprised before (Toy Story II, Shrek II), but more than likely it will be terrible, akin to Grease II.

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    Re: Enchanted 2

    I think Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are great actors, they were great in the first movie. I'd love to see a sequel, I really enjoyed the classic animation with the live action

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    Re: Enchanted 2

    Thought to movie was great and there still a wealth of material yet to be drawn from. I would definently want to see a sequel. Especially if it is in lieu of 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2' or 'G-Force 2'. ::shudders::
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    Re: Enchanted 2

    If Amy Adams is signed on then I'm all for a sequel.
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    Re: Enchanted 2

    If they do one, I'd like to see more of Idina Menzel as Nancy. And she should definitely get to sing and not have her song cut this time

    And yes, they should only do a sequel if they can get Amy Adams again, (and preferably Menken and Schwartz to do the score).
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