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    Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

    Okay, I love this show...but who else hates the new theme song/opening? I think they are milking too much on the "feel-good" aspect of the show. The old intro (with "Unbelievable" as the theme song) really brang action into the show. And unlike the current one, it was the kind you just loved to sing along with. Also, I don't like the new transitions (with all the bubble-like circles). To me, it just screams of Hallmark. Am I the only one who thinks this, or do others out there agree?

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    Re: Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

    I'm watching it now, and I was just thinking the same thing, I hate that song, Yuck...

    I find the bubbles distracting as well....

    commercial is over, I'm going back to watching....

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