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    Re: Superheros at Disneyland? Disney buys Marvel (merged threads)

    And Disney doesn't own Kingdom Hearts. Square-Enix created the game and licensed the Disney characters to create the story. Square-Enix also published the games. Disney just gets a royalty check.

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    Re: Superheros at Disneyland? Disney buys Marvel

    Quote Originally Posted by disneyfann121 View Post
    Originally Posted by SnorkletsMom
    You know, I try to tell myself that there's still something left of the old Disney in the present corporation. But

    I'm not a fan of the Marvel universe, although my husband is. My 6 year old is not into it at all. But I'm almost sick at the thought of what they will do to the parks. There is absolutely no way that I can see the MBAs spending $4b on this and not shoving it down our throats every single chance they get. Maybe they can get Wolverine to slash the stuffing out of Pooh every hour on the hour. Or Spider-Man can "fly" instead of TinkerBell.

    No wonder they're trying to make the D23 expo like Comic-con. By next year, it WILL be comic-con jr.

    I hate the acquisitiveness of the MBAs, I hate the lack of imagination in just buying something instead of creating your own and I hate that the money this will cost will probably be the excuse for the next 10 years for everything that NEEDS doing that they won't get done. "Well, we did buy Marvel! When we get that ROI we'll fix stuff, honest" Mostly I hate that while I respect Marvel and know that there's a huge audience for their stuff, I do NOT think it blends well with Disney."

    I was backtracking through this thread, and came across this post. Well said, Snorklets! You're so right; buying everything in sight is the lazy, uncreative, and brainless way that the suits pretend to be doing their jobs.

    If they thought that super heroes were such a great resource for movie making, why didn't they buy Marvel when it was cheap and do it themselves? They didn't, because it's easier to just sit back and watch someone else do the trailblazing, then open the checkbook and buy them before they can become bigger than you.

    And because Disney came late to this party, they have to pay a huge cover charge (so to speak) and later on, they plead poverty whenever the theme parks need reinvestment. Well, stop trying to buy the world and maybe you can do right by your best assets! How about some focus on what you do best, rather than running an endlessly diversified, bloated, all-things-to-all-people entertainment conglomerate that is quickly losing its soul?

    I kind of got the feeling that Disney's purchase of Marvel was a move to try and boost their D23 Expo potential. On their own, Disney's answer to ComicCon is doomed to poor results (based on their already providing discount tickets to employees).

    The fact that ComicCon has EVERY aspect of comics, including films, publishing and merchandising, available from EVERY studio, publisher and merchandiser, only points out the limits Disney faces, with JUST their film/publishing/merchandising properties to fill their Expo with.

    So, next year (IF the D23 Expo survives, and IF the Marvel deal goes through), they can hype all the Marvel properties to help fill out their previously anemic expo exhibits.

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