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I'm gonna rip the limbs off the next nutcase that asks me if I heard that Disney is buying Marvel!!
Hey, Matt! Didja Hear the.... Uh-Oh...

( Somebody hadda do it. So I dood it.)

Seriously, if someone can dredge up the actual contract or a news story thoroughly describing it, that should be interesting. The term, and if there are any automatic renewal rights, or cancellation clauses from either side...

Note that Disney's Hollywood Studios survived the demise of the Disney-M.G.M Studios contract rather transparently. The naming was not forever, but the use of the footage and likenesses in the rides was seperate and can continue if they want.

Retheming and changing names on a ride or a whole park isn't the end of the world, and Disney Studios was due for a face-lift anyway - changing signage is simple when you are already redoing everything else.

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