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    The Harper Goff "Nautilus Two" that you won't see at the D23 Expo

    The Harper Goff "Nautilus Two" that you won't see at the D23 Treasures of the Disney Archives Exhibit

    Only few people in the world have seen what i will show you today. Thanks to Rowland Scherman, the brother of Tom Scherman - whom i thanks a lot - you will discover the "Nautilus Two" designed a long time ago by Harper Goff, creator of the legendary 20000 Leagues under the sea Nautilus.

    Tom, as we know, dedicated his life to Harper Goff's Nautilus and thanks to Tom we have the Discoveryland's Nautilus at Disneyland Paris. Harper and Tom were close friends, and when Harper told Tom about his "Nautilus Two" design, Tom Scherman could not wait to build a huge 3D model out of Harper Goff's plans and renderings. Tom did the model in the early 1990's and this is the one you will see today. Believe me, very few people have discovered this amazing new version of the Nautilus!

    Now, when i say "Nautilus Two", i don't mean that Captain Nemo was supposed to own a second Nautilus. No, in the mind of Harper Goff, this Nautilus Two was designed - at the time he designed it, a long time ago, as a submarine which the look could fit better with modern and nuclear times.

    Jump to the full Disney and more article to discover more stunning pictures of this amazing Nautilus Two:

    Disney and more: The Harper Goff "Nautilus Two" that you won't see at the D23 Expo "Treasures of the Disney Archives" Exhibit

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