Disney officials plan to re-open the California Screamin’ roller coaster on Friday, nearly 11 weeks after an accident sent 15 people to the hospital and state regulators closed the mile-long coaster for an investigation.

Faulty brakes failed to stop a coaster car in its appropriate brake zone and it rammed the car in front of it on the evening of July 29, at the California Adventure theme park, according to a state report released late today.

Several failures on the brake valves in Zone 7 caused the accident, reported the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, which oversees safety at permanent amusement parks. Valves and airlines in that brake zone had been replaced several days prior to the accident after "ongoing problems" documented in Disney’s maintenance records.

DOSH cleared the ride to open after verifying that Disney had met all the agency’s requirements, including:

• Consider the redesign of the valves used in the braking system in use on the coaster, and redesign the raking mechanism as needed so that all trains will stop reliabley as they enter braking zones.

• Determine whether valves similar to those that malfunctioned are used ion other rides at the Disneyland Resort,and determne whther they might also be likely to malfunction.

• Retrain all appropriate employees on specific maintenance procedures.