Article from Osceola News Gazette - October 14, 2005
Let there be lights

Disney’s 2005 light spectacle will feature even more lights

Putting up those millions of lights at the annual Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights takes months to complete, even if they don’t screw those bulbs in one light at a time.

The lighting process actually begins in August, said show producer Chris Pieser, at a recent behind-the-scenes look at the dazzling display of lights held annually at the Disney-MGM Studios.

There are now so many lights in the display, which originally was part of a huge neighborhood holiday display begun by Jennings Osborne in Arkansas, that Disney officials have given up counting.

“We just say millions and millions,” said Pieser.

The lights don’t officially come on until Nov. 14. And while almost 75 percent of the light show was complete by early October, there is still plenty of behind-the-scenes work to be done, said Pieser.
All those lights continue to stun and delight the thousands and thousands of visitors who view it each year at the theme park.

“We see so many amazed looks on faces,” said Pieser, “and some huge wows when the snow starts falling.”

The snow element is made by using a snow fluid mixture each evening. Pieser said that 66 gallons of snow fluid are required each night to create the snowfall effect.

One of the key things to look out for at this year’s display, and it will be easy to notice, is the new LED lighting on the town hall building. The new lights burn with a greater intensity and have a bonus effect, even Disney technicians didn’t expect — the lights give the building a 3D effect.