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    Re: Roger Rabbit Sequel in the works

    I LOVE Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and have been a huge fan ever since I was nine years old. The movie was a big step in animation history and personally, I feel it should remain a standalone film because once sequels come along, it just sort of takes away from the original.

    I would be more for animated shorts like featured in the beginning of Honey I Shrunk the Kids and other Disney films, little special nods that keep the characters in the spotlight without making a mess of things.

    Sure, I'd go check out a sequel...I'd be first in line but I'd be extremely skeptical. However, no matter how well the movie does, maybe it will mean Roger Rabbit will appear in parks once again and cool merchandise could come into play. While the movie may not be my idea of the greatest thing ever...good things could come out of it.
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    Re: Roger Rabbit Sequel in the works

    I, too will wait until further anouncement...


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    Re: Roger Rabbit Sequel in the works

    Yet another vote for doing WFRR as it was originally done. But if they can't get other studios' characters in the film, then I say skip it and do a prequel.

    I'd also like to see where toons come from. In this universe, what would Genesis in the Bible be like? "In the beginning, God and Walt created the heavens and the Earth." And so on. Adam and Mickey Mouse would be the first people created, and then would come Eve and Minnie.

    I'll let y'all figure out the rest.

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