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    Michael Jackson " This is It " documentary pays tribute to the Haunted Mansion !

    Michael Jackson " This is It " documentary pays tribute to the Haunted Mansion !

    I saw tonight in Paris the Michael Jackson doumentary "This is it". And it's great, really. You should go see it for two reasons: First, the editing is perfectly done and it's almost like a concert. you don't see Michael death, they stop the movie before. Michael is in good physical condition - he was almost 50 so he don't have the same energy he had at 35, but you definitely don't have the feeling that he was at "the doors of death".

    But there is also one very good reason for you, Disneyland super-fans to go see it, and it's this one: They've filmed for this concert-that-never-was a new video for the "Thriller" sequence which was supposed to be projected on stage, and guess what? a big part of it is totally inspired by the Haunted Mansion! No doubt that it is due to Michael's love of Disneyland.

    For instance, do you remember the key-keeper Audio-Animatronic that we see in the attraction shaking at the doors of the cemetary? Of course you do. Well, he is in this video as one of the ghosts. Just like the other ghosts which are sit on the chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the Haunted Mansion ball room! And guess what? They had envisioned to have people holding ghosts walking in the walkways during the concert, and the ghosts look just like the one flying in the cemetery of the HM!

    For all these reasons, beginning by the fact that it is a great documentary and almost a concert, go see it while it is in theatres, i promise you'll enjoy it!

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    Re: Michael Jackson " This is It " documentary pays tribute to the Haunted Mansion !

    There's already a thread going about this movie. It can be found here.

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