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    Disney movie scene de ja vu?

    My husband found this on Youtube last night.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Disney templates fail![/ame]

    I am leaning towards the belief that the animators didn't deliberately do this. I figured, it was probably the same group of animators that worked on each film...and unintentionally created the same scenes.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Disney movie scene de ja vu?

    It was very much intentional. The DVD extras for 101 Dalmatians talks about this. If they are going to have a similar scene, it is much easier to just put new characters over old motion. It saves them time and money. It's smart use of old animation.

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    Re: Disney movie scene de ja vu?

    Ive seen this before too, I was surprised when I saw it but it makes save money and the moves are not so outstanding that you can tell it was from another movie.

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    Re: Disney movie scene de ja vu?

    I think I posted this a year or so ago, but, it's still fun to watch again!

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