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    Pixar Short: George and AJ

    [ame=]YouTube - Pixar Short: George and AJ[/ame]

    A new Pixar Short that features the 2 Shady Oaks Retirement Village staff members from Up, George and AJ. Check it out, it's really good!

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    Re: Pixar Short: George and AJ

    Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
    it's what they are like in their HEART!

    - Wolfette

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    Re: Pixar Short: George and AJ

    Wicked short,
    though the animation is terrible.
    I can see this being an Easter egg on the Blu-ray copy.
    Don't think of a gun as a weapon.
    Think of it as a third arm that magically
    shoots bullets!

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    Re: Pixar Short: George and AJ


    This and Dug's Special Mission (Best Pixar Short IMO) tie in the actual story and give you a new perspective on things you may of not noticed. Really quality work Pixar!

    one hundred and one

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