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    The new " Jungle Book " luxury edition is simply Gorgeous !

    The new " Jungle Book " luxury edition is simply Gorgeous !

    Anyone who loved Disney's great animated classic "The Jungle Book" will be in heaven with Pierre Lambert new gorgeous opus. Pierre Lambert is the author of the previous luxury books "Pinnochio", "Snow White", and "Mickey Mouse" all of them existing in english edition. This new one, published by french renown publisher Editions de la Martinière has its text in french only - that's why the title on the cover is "Le Livre de la Jungle".

    Although Pierre Lambert's text is extremely interesting this only-french-version must not stop you to order the book as most of the 237 pages of the book are purely visuals. And what a great artwork! From Ken Anderson and Bill Peet first sketches to the stunning background by Albert Dempster, the book tells the full story of the creation of one of Walt Disney's most beloved classic. You'll find not less than 250 never seen before artwork coming from Walt Disney Animation Research Library and private collections: cellos, layouts, modelsheets, story-boards and preliminary studies, and many more. Let's have a look to some of them.

    Here is a watercolour and china ink preliminary study from Ken Anderson showing Mowgli and Baloo...

    ...and a great cello upon background painting showing Mowgli walking in the Jungle (double-click on the image to see it in big).

    You'll find also in the book rare story-board sketches like these below...

    ...or great colour sketches like this one for Baloo...

    ...or these colour sketch and modelsheet for King Louis...

    Jump to the Disney and more full article to discover more great artwork of this beautiful and ultimate book about Disney's "The Jungle Book":

    Disney and more: The new " Jungle Book " luxury edition is simply Gorgeous !

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    Re: The new " Jungle Book " luxury edition is simply Gorgeous !

    Wow! Looking good!

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