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    Re: Toy Story - The Musical to replace Aladdin at DCA's Hyperion Theater in 2011

    Is it just me or is Pixar practically taking over DCA? There's already TSMM, and Monsters Inc, and the Pixar parade, A Bug's Land, and soon to be added Cars Land, with many Pixar characters in WoC too. Can Pixar please stop being the new stuff in the parks? I for one would rather see Beauty and the Beast, as it was done on Broadway brought to DCA, or The Little Mermaid, granted its currently on Broadway, I'd even like the park to have a permanent home for Lion King if it ends on broadway. They could even go to the older movies like Mary Poppins, or bring a 90s movies to life like Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, or Pocahantas. Or even just keep Aladdin.

    Either way, it needs to be a show based on a movie that started out as a musical (like Aladdin, and most 90s animated movies). Not a show based on a movie with not a single song that the characters sing.

    When I first went to DCA they had Steps In Time in the Hyperion, what a flop, then the next time I went was the Holidays 2004, I didn't see any stage shows because it was the holidays... Then I came back for the 50th anniversary and saw and loved both Snow white and Aladdin. I have to admit that I'm surprised they weren't already phased out, I thought those theaters were meant to have a new show every year, but if Aladdin can last this long then it could last a decade and never get old. Also, who actually goes to Playhouse Disney Live on Stage? I never had an interest in seeing it, and my family always skips it, they should put a different show, like Little Mermaid or Lion King that, at least used to be at WDW. Those would be good for the whole family, not just toddlers.

    I'm going to the resort twice again before next fall and I plan on seeing Aladdin as much as possible, as well as the new WoC.
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