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    Disney packs more POW! from Stan Lee

    Disney is acquiring a 10% stake of POW! for $2.5 million. It is also acquiring "enhanced rights" to the company's creative side as well as exclusive consulting services. It was not clear what the rights and services entailed or the reason for expanding its relationship with POW!

    Disney signed a first-look arrangement with POW! in 2007. Although no projects have come to fruition on the feature side, several are in development, including lighthearted mystery tale "Nick Ratchett," action-adventure project "Blaze" and one called "Tigress." POW! is also working on several projects for the home entertainment sector.
    Disney acquires stake in Stan Lee's POW!

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    Re: Disney packs more POW! from Stan Lee

    (Scar voice): Oh, goody.... :P

    I'm so THRILLED to read about Disney buying characters instead of creating them. I'm so OVERJOYED to read about them buying creative services OUTSIDE the company instead of developing them in-house.

    So HAPPY to see that the company Walt built is becoming less creative and more corporate by the day.

    And I'm ECSTATIC that Disney had such a lousy year in 2009, despite all the corporate scheming.

    Guess which of the above statements is sincere?

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