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    Smile Mickey Mouse Airplane -- The Spirit of Disneyland II

    I think this might be the place to post this? If not oops.

    My sister was driving past SFO yesterday and sent me a message that she just saw an airplane that had Mickey on it. I was like "Haha, yeah right." Well I went and did a quick search on Google, and immediately I came up with the press release from Alaska Airlines. It's the replacement for the former Spirit of Disneyland plane, which was retired last month.

    Alaska Airlines The Spirit of Disneyland II | Disneyland Airplane | Disney Plane
    Alaska Airlines would like to introduce you to the Spirit of Disneyland® II - the newest Disney-themed airplane in the fleet. The new design replaces the original Spirit of Disneyland® aircraft retired last month.
    The plane made its innagural flight on December 18th, 2009 from Portland to Los Angeles and was welcomed to the gate by three Make-A-Wish® children who traveled to the Disneyland® Resort to have their wishes granted.
    Thanks to the longer fuselage of the Boeing 737-900, Mickey Mouse's faithful friend Pluto joins the cast of Disney characters.
    The Spirit of Disneyland® II joins the Magic of Disneyland® and Spirit of Make-A-Wish in the Alaska Airlines Route System.
    How fun is that? And for such a great cause too. It sure is a distinctive plane, and it's supposed to fly all of the Alaska airlines routes, so you might see Mickey and friends on the tarmac next time you fly. I don't know if I can link pictures or not, but if you go to the Alaska Airlines press release they have some great pictures of the plane being painted.

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    Re: Mickey Mouse Airplane -- The Spirit of Disneyland II

    So cool, thanks for sharing, Rose Marie.
    T T F N . . .

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    Re: Mickey Mouse Airplane -- The Spirit of Disneyland II

    that's cool! I'm glad to see Disney doing stuff like this. They get the publicity, but at the same time, doing it for a great cause.

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    Re: Mickey Mouse Airplane -- The Spirit of Disneyland II

    There is a nice write-up on the plane, plus a lot of pictures at this site: Disney Travel and Recreation and Stuff

    I'd love to see that at the airport!!

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