Why Disney did such a Parade in Rio de Janeiro last December ?

68 years after Walt and "El Grupo" went to Rio de Janeiro to prepare "Saludos Amigos" the first Disney parade created specifically to perform outside a Disney theme park happened on Copacabana, in Rio. It's pretty amazing as it is a real Disney parade like the one we can see at Disneyland with huge floats, characters, etc...

The question of course is: why? As far as we know there is no theme park opening soon in South America and no Disney Cruise Line ship coming to Rio. So, why a parade like this? Could it be that the WDC is doing some kind of marketing event to remind the Disney characters to all Cariocas?

But in this case, why? There is no plans of a "Rio Disneyland", is it? Well, wait a minute! Actually, Disney DO have some plans to build a theme park in South America as i've told you in a previous article. Although i think we cannot expect an opening before the end of the decade (remember this little project in a city of the Middle Kingdom that should give a lot of work to all Imagineers for the next five years?) Disney is really looking towards Brazil for their first theme park in South America.

And where exactly in Brazil, you ask? Just guess: that's right, in Rio de Janeiro.

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