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    Disappointed with UP DVD cover

    I guess I can't say I wasn't expecting this, but really I would have liked something a little more subtle, reflecting one of the first teasers PIXAR released.

    perhaps some baloons in the sky and a house strapped on them. That's it.

    Why make it look like an XBOX game when it's not?

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    Re: Disappointed with UP DVD cover

    I think I understand what you're talking about, but it's not like the other Pixar DVD covers are much different?
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    Re: Disappointed with UP DVD cover

    The initial teasers did just that- teased you.

    Now that we've seen and love the characters, why not show them on the cover? They make the movie enjoyable.

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    Re: Disappointed with UP DVD cover

    I don't know.. last I checked, the movie was more adventure and action than a house floating peacefully in the sky.

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    Re: Disappointed with UP DVD cover

    Remember Disney's main target for home video is the kiddie set. Hence the garish DVD covers, to insure little Johnny and Janey can't miss seeing the box on the shelf from 50 feet away.

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    Re: Disappointed with UP DVD cover

    All of Disney/Pixar DVD box art covers are somewhat underwhelming. Especially the illustrated ones.

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