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    Re: Leaked "Tangled" trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by royaldisneyfan View Post
    They changed the name? Sorry I'm slow.
    The original name of the movie was "Rapunzel", which apparently is now called "Tangled".

    Myself I'm rather mixed on the film, while the trailer has it's moments here and there... (The "Let down your-*THUD*" being the best gag for me.) I think Disney put itself into a conundrum.

    They're doing another Princess film, however the public has groaned about they're having a focus on the lead male character to hopefully change people's opinion and grab the boy audience.

    But there are two kickers, the first one being I recall reading somewhere where they mentioned there will be a lot of "Girl Power" in the film. While that will excite a girl audience, but not so much for the boys.

    The second kicker is the tagline, Rinse. Rescue. Repeat. Certainly not the kind of tagline that grabs a boy audience.

    So I'd say right now the film is certainly pulling off mixed messages, and on another note it would have been nice if this was 2D animation. How can one really jump back into 2D animation when the next film from the company is CGI?
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    Tangled rough-cut trailer leaked

    News: Disney's Tangled Leaks Online | Latino Review

    Interesting tone being set here. Will definitely need to see how this film turns out. "Tangled" is still an awful title.

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    Disney’s “Rapunzel” Trailer Has Leaked (Video)

    Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 16th, and on the discs is a teaser trailer for “Rapunzel,” which was recently renamed to “Tangled.” But you don’t have to wait another two weeks to see the teaser, because it has leaked onto the internet.

    Click here to view

    Disney has done a great job of slowly getting everyone excited about its upcoming releases, such as Alice, Toy Story 3, Tron, Rapunzel (Tangled).

    Which one are you most excited to see?
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    Re: Leaked "Tangled" trailer (merged threads)

    Loooooved the new teaser. Much better than the work in progress trailer. It has that air of mystery and magic to it. And the swelling music gave me goose bumps. Too bad they changed the title. Imagine if at the end of this teaser it said "Repunzal" Now that would have given me flashes of something along the lines of "Beauty and the Beast" sighs.

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