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    World of Color lite at the Grove

    So as I was leaving a movie tonight at the Grove in LA, I noticed an ABC logo in the fountains. After about 10 minutes, several promos for Dancing with the Stars were projected on the mist screen. I don't get to the Grove that often, but checking online it seems they've been doing some kind of projection for a little while, I had not seen it before. Since Disney is promoting ABC, seems like a great way to promote World of Color as well.

    Here are a few pictures I took tonight.

    Also a video I found online from last year:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Hawaii Holograpic Projection Shows by at The Grove LA Central Fountain![/ame]

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    Re: World of Color lite at the Grove

    I love what they do with the fountain at The Grove, ever since it opened. I always wished that Downtown Disney had the classier look of The Grove. And the fountain area for the grove is MUCH smaller than paradise pier (of course) But it's incredible how that landscaping is at the grove around the small fountain area - it's really beautifully done! Sadly, paradise pier will NEVER look as nice as The Grove.

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