Apple Does It Again
Motley Fool - October 31, 2005

Apple Does It Again

It appears that Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has done it again. It's been less than 20 days since Apple launched video capability in iTunes, not to mention its new video-enabled iPods, but it said that it can already celebrate the one millionth video download benchmark.

Yes indeed, despite the fact that Apple offered only music videos, several popular shows from Disney's (NYSE: DIS) ABC Network (including runaway hits Lost and Desperate Housewives), and some short films from Pixar (Nasdaq: PIXR) in its debut, it appears that folks ate up the content. It's no wonder that Apple is already smugly proclaiming that it is once again proving that there is a market for legal downloads. It has good reason to be smug -- it's been no secret that Apple already proved it once before with music.

Given the fact that this benchmark has come very quickly, despite the fact that Apple's iTunes service boasted only 2,000 pieces of video content, it does stand to reason that there's plenty of opportunity out there.
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