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    Thumbs up The Pixar Character Size Guide

    Flickr Photo Download: 100 Pixar Character

    A Pretty cool Picture that shows the height of 100 Pixar characters from the Toy Story, to Wall-e to Up and even Toy Story 3 plus all of the Pixar shorts.

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    Re: The Pixar Character Size Guide

    Yeah Pixar and Lee Unkrich posted this on Twitter yesterday I think.
    It's really cool, looks neat, and it's well done artistically speaking. But it's not very accurate.
    According to that, Woody is either a giant, or Andy is only 28 inches tall.
    All the bugs are huge. (Seriously Flik is the biggest ant I've ever seen in my life).
    And he got Stretch's (from Toy Story 3) name wrong. "Scretch"?
    But how accurate can you expect a fan-made piece of art to be?
    Regardless of some of those minor errors, it's still really cool.

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