[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5ETTahYBUw]YouTube - Brad Bird Interview at the Santa Barbara Film Festival[/ame]

A small section (six and a half minutes) of a Q & A with Brad Bird following a screening of the excellent documentary "The Pixar Story" at the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival. Bird discusses facing rejection in the film industry, and his work on The Iron Giant. Unfortunately, this is not the entire interview, and it's the only part I have.

That's me with the really loud laugh. My then-girlfriend was sitting next to me, filming this with her camera phone. I just ran across it while going through some old video files.

During the audience Q and A section (not shown) I presented Bird with a copy of this picture:

Surreal Giant Rat by ~animagusurreal on deviantART

I drew it two years before "Ratatouille" came out, but it kind of reminds me of the movie. His response was, "That's strange," but I don't know if he meant the picture or the similarity to "Ratatouille" . Immediately before me, another audience member gave him a beautiful painting of Mr. Incredible, causing the interviewer to joke, "No questions without a gift!"