Thanks, but no thanks, internet, for "Numa, Numa". I mean I know laughing at a heavy kid is supposed to be normally mandatory, but this was just painful.** Painful like a cat with a yeast infection peeing in your eye. Even worse were the imitators, the ones who thought it would be cute and funny to imitate him. :[

No thank you.

Thanks, but no thanks internet for AIM and other instant messaging services. You introduced such acronyms as "LOL" "OMG" "STFU", etc. And you also turned these into household phrases. Even the Fox network thought it clever to call a programming block, "LOL Sunday". Ugh. Sure you might catch me typing an acronym on occassion, but this is for ironic purposes only. Jay kay!

I'll pass.

Thanks, but no thanks, internet for Pop-up ads. No, I will not kiss E-Brad Pitt while he is on horseback and being chased by the paparazzi, to win a PS3.

You must be really desperate.

**It's all jokes.