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    Disney accused of discriminatory hiring practices

    An Orlando man is trying to sue Disney, on the basis that Disney refused to hire him because heís disabled. WFTV in Orlando Florida reports that Peter Tyler (who is deaf) tried to get a job at Walt Disney World last year as a housekeeper, but Disney didnít hire him on the grounds that Ďhe wasnít qualifiedí. Did this mean that Disney was discriminating against his disability? Or that he didnít have enough experience as a housekeeper?

    Since then Mr Tyler has tried numerous times to get a hearing (no pun intended), but surprisingly, the Florida state courts have refused to hear the case, nor provide him with an interpreter to talk to him about it. Disney has declined comment on this case, but they have shown that the Florida Commission on Human Rights has gotten involved in this dispute and has found that Mr. Tylerís complaint has no merit.

    For more on this story, please go to Deaf Man Says Disney Won't Hire Him, Court Won't Help - News Story - WFTV Orlando
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    Re: Disney accused of discriminatory hiring practices

    We had a deaf CM at DTD (I don't work in his shop, and couldn't say if he still works there), so I'd say this guy didn't get hired for another reason.
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