I know there are a few of you who think me a Disney apologist, but, that is not what motivates me to make my comments.

As a primer, I've spent most of my 30+ year career at various corporations with revenues ranging from a few million a year to several billion, and I've done so at differing levels of management. The one thing I have learned is that nothing in corporate life happens as fast as anyone below the top executive level thinks it should be done. And, as the organization grows larger, the longer it takes to make course corrections.

I've also recently been reading more about Eisner years at Disney.

I think Bob Iger get a real short shriff among many of the Disney faithful merely because he successfully navigated the treacherous water of Disney management during Eisner's reign. I read Iger's recent comments in the press as an attempt to both assure stockholders and enthusiastic alike that Disney is looking to both profits and creativity while not sacrificing one for the other. The formula now is alot different then it was in Walt's day.

I'm not opposed to well-founded criticism. But, I certainly have a problem with criticism supported by unfounded conjecture on some people's part. If someone has verifiable evidence that Bob Iger is Eisner's fair haired boy on the board, I'm all ears and willing to change my view. But, barring that, I willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Besides, if he takes Disney down the wrong path, I would fully expect to see another 'Save Disney' campaign appear.