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Thread: Yogi Bear

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    Yogi Bear

    Here's the link to the new Yogi Bear movie coming out for the Holidays:

    Movie Talk: 'Yogi Bear' Hits Big Screen With Surprise Voices

    Yogi was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Based on this small sample size, Dan Akroyd is hit or miss on Yogi, but Justin Timberlake was dead on as Boo Boo. And nothing against Tom Cavanagh, but he physically doesn't look like Ranger Smith. I won't complain too much on the CGI, but the design hasn't changed much from Alvin and the Chipmunks and Scooby-Doo.

    Either way, I'll be interested to seeing more trailers for this one.
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    Re: Yogi Bear

    Oh, no this could be good or bad.
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    Re: Yogi Bear

    oh loooorrrrddddd.....

    garfield is garbage, marmaduke was a failure, alvin and the chipmunks was horrendous, and i'm sure this one will be terrible! stop doing this GC old cartoons into human world crap, hollywood!! i'm sure the smurfs will be an embarrassment too!!

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    Re: Yogi Bear

    The real world with cgi cartoons thing refuses to die. At best, the effect is hokey, and at worst it's downright creepy. It's sad that after all the advancement with the technology, we still end up with characters with the same quality of animation as 8 years ago.
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    Re: Yogi Bear

    does anyone remember who Dan Aykroyd is?
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    Re: Yogi Bear

    I agree this will be a bomb.
    IDK why but how are all the CGI movies based off of old cartoons... suck?
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    Re: Yogi Bear

    Quote Originally Posted by dead_Mau5 View Post
    does anyone remember who Dan Aykroyd is?
    Wasn't he peddling moon shine in a skull bottle recently?

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    Re: Yogi Bear

    It's funny, when Chipmunks was first announced, I imagined a parody of a live-action Yogi Bear trailer, and now it's for real.

    I actually like some of my casting better, even though it was just supposed to be a joke:

    Chris Rock as Yogi
    Mike Myers as Boo Boo
    Patrick Waburton as Ranger Smith
    Queen Latifah as Cindy (seemingly absent here)

    I agree that Justin Timberlake sounded right, though. Who knew he could do such a good Boo Boo?

    But really, it shouldn't always have to be celebrities doing the voices in these cartoon remakes. (Actually, they shouldn't do them at all in the first place).

    On the positive side, there are no fart or poo-poo jokes (Half of the first Chipmunks trailer was a scene about Alvin eating Theodore's poo :P). But it just looks so bland.
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