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    Disney Store report

    So NNL and I got up bright and early this morning to head out to the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island to see the new Imagination Park concept for the Disney Store. While it was soft open during the week, this was supposed to be the "Grand Opening." We arrived about 20 minutes before arriving, and there was already a line.

    Line in front of us. The red neon on the right all the way up front is the store. We got in early because they were giving away free Mouse ears to the first 500 guests. Luckily, we got them.

    Nice ears, unique too which is cool.

    NNL models the ears.

    The wait went quickly, since the CMs did a great job keeping the people entertained with trivia questions. NNL and I got a keychain and magnet for answering, which was not needed, but appreciated. At 10, Mickey and Minnie came out for the opening ceremony. I didn't get any pictures, since we were too far away. Soon, they started letting people in. They would only let a few in at a time, so we had to wait a little more, but it was better that than the store being so crowded. Finally, we got in!

    Looking in, waiting for the people to leave to let new people in.

    Once we got in, we looked at the merchandise. While not a lot of adult stuff, there was definitely more than previous Disney store incarnations. More hoodies, same amount of T shirts, and a lot of bags, keychains, mugs, etc. If the adult stuff continues coming in, I will be very happy. NNL and I picked up a few Vinylmations first, then made our way looking at the features.

    The trees have animated projections on them. Tough to make out here, but Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are tossing Little Green Men back and forth. Later, Lotso and other Toy Story 3 characters appears on the trees. While we were waiting on line, it was announced it was someone's birthday and everyone started clapping and the trees exploded in fireworks. It was really cute.

    Trees as we walked in

    Some new merch: The Alien in a webcam, the Buzz ship is a 4 port USB hub, and the hanging items are ear buds! I loved the Slinky Dog ones!

    The screen is now in an enclosed "gazebo," where events and coloring are located. You can pick what is shown on the screen. We saw Phineas and Ferb, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, and Camp Rock while we were there.

    Cars RideMakerz around the corner

    Hard to get a picture, but the four stations were VERY busy. Lots of Maters and Lightnings being made.

    The other interactive feature was the princess castle:

    You enter the archway to the mirror.

    On top.

    NNL waits her turn.

    Once inside, the CM asks your favorite princess, then give you a wand to wave at the mirror; once you do, the displays plays a clip about the princess you choose. NNL chose Ariel so she popped up:

    Nice use of the technology.

    It's a pretty lengthy clip too!

    After that NNL and I decided we had seen enough, so we decided to check out.

    Cute plush display.

    As we were in line, we were looking at the border on the top of the store. Then, we realized there were characters hidden in it. It was a nice touch, which I'm sure a lot of guests won't see, but we were glad we noticed it. Only a few shots though:

    The Chesire Cat we spotted first.

    A classy shield on the registers. All the CMs wear shirts with a patch of this. It reminds me of D23 a little.

    After we left the line was a LOT larger. We were glad we went and are glad to see it so popular. We decided we needed another Disney fix, so we headed to the Doorway to Dreams to see the model room of Bay Lake Tower. That's coming up!
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    Re: Disney Store report

    We love having the Doorway to Dreams store here because whenever we need a Disney fix, it's a great way to have some. Once we step into the model room, it really does feel like we're in Florida!

    What was equally exciting was that the models for the Aulani resort and the newest Disney Cruise Line ship were on display!


    Disney Dream

    Closeup of the Aquaduck!

    After the models, we went to our home away from home, our BLT model room.

    It's really like being there!

    The TV plays a DVC infomercial, but it could almost be the top 7 must sees...

    Patio. Too bad its view is....

    A wall with a picture on it. If you don't go onto the patio though, the room is a great representation of the WDW version!

    They have the one bedroom too:

    2 full baths is nice!

    I realized as we left I forgot to take a picture of the lobby area, but oh well. It really is great to have this fancy new Disney store as well as the DVC store here in New York. I realize I took more pictures of the DVC model rooms than the new store, but it was less crowded and a nice way to bring us our theme park fix until we get there next.
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    Re: Disney Store report

    I will gladly give $$$ to whoever can get me this.

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    Re: Disney Store report

    Thanks for the little trip report! I had hoped to be there earlier but unfortunatly didn't get to the mall until 15 minutues before closing However we got to see the "closing ceremony" which was a nice touch. Their is an announcement made throughout the store as the sky around the upper border of the store and trees turns to a star filled sky with little fireworks bursts and shooting stars. The theater screen has a night sky and moon which goes from full the cresent shaped with Mickey and MInnie sitting on it. Also the touch screen kiosk switch off the image of Jiminy Cricket with a message about how it was the end of the day at Disney Store. The CM costumes are a nice improvement from the previous costume at a regular store, and the CMs were very friendly and helpful (and well staffed like they used to be, unlike the skeleton crew at most stores now). I had a little trouble getting the touch screen kiosk to work right also.

    Overall from what little I saw it was a great step in the right direction for TDS almost like a return of the magic that the stores had in the 90s. Now I did hope for a little better selection of merchandise that was more exclusive to the new stores, for the most it was stuff I can get at any store. It was just merchadised much better like a true Disney Store should be. After seeing pictures of the first store in Montebello online I wasn't too impressed but seeing everything working in person makes a difference.

    Also kinda bummed that I got there too late and didn't have a chance to check out the DVC Doorway to Dreams, but it looked cool from the outside.

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