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    Re: Another Bus Crash at WDW

    It is time for Disney to think about decreasing the amount of buses and expand the monorails. At the same time i do not find it strange to see hear about the occasional automobile accident on property. The only reason it makes the news is because its a Disney property but considering that millions of guests drive around the 54 acre property the amount of accidents is minimal WDW after all is the size of a city
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    Re: Another Bus Crash at WDW

    Quote Originally Posted by michael darling View Post
    I often does someone who's never been here feel about these roads?
    I've been living in Los Angeles all my life and it has honed my sense of direction very well. This past March was my first ever visit to WDW and I got a rental car, so I was nervous about getting lost.

    I never had a problem getting lost or navigating the roads in the area whatsoever. I personally thought that ALL the signs were very clear in regards to telling me what direction to go and helping me get around. Not once did I get lost or wonder how to get somewhere. We even managed to go through three parks each day we were there, and went to DTD 3-4 times as well ... so we really went all over the resort area.

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    Re: Another Bus Crash at WDW

    I agree with Liz, I have had no problems navigating the roads of WDW. If people would simply pay attention these types of things wouldn't happen.

    Although, I do agree that Disney needs to cater to the "lowest common denominator" meaning the people who don't know how to drive, don't pay attention and those who "check their brain" at the gates.

    The most likely thing that is going to happen is dedicated bus roads. Why they don't have them already is beyond me. Of course, then you are going to have people missing a turn and driving on the bus road.

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    Re: Another Bus Crash at WDW

    Fix the signage. You won't have so many 3-lane shifters. That's the point. Add all the well-trained busdrivers you want...there will still be a large percentage of car-drivers. (this is America). Ending up offsite, just because you missed a turn may be safer, but its stupid and should never have to happen. Bad execution.

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