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    Disney Craft Legal?

    Hi there,

    I have a question about making disney crafts... specifically clothing. It may be kind of stupid, but I am really clueless here.

    D23 recently released the Epcot pavilion patches. I would like to put them on the back of a nice jacket. I realize that I would be able to do that. I would also like to get the jacket embroidered "EPCOT CENTER 1982" in the original logo font. If I am not intending to make any money from it, would that be illegal, since the name is property of Disney? Would I have to write to them to ask permission to use the name?

    I'm not sure if this is an issue, or not? I'm not sure how i'd get it embroidered... But with Disney being so strict about not putting business or character names on ears, etc... would this be an issue?


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    Re: Disney Craft Legal?

    You should be able to do that without any problems. You aren't making them to sell, nor are you implying that Disney endorses a particular business or item.

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    Re: Disney Craft Legal?

    Set up charges for embroidery like that are usually pretty high for a custom made design. Some companies might not be willing to do that, because they would be infringing on the use of Disney logos. And unlike you, they would be gaining profit off the deal. Although some companies might be willing to do anything. You might have better luck if you just used some standard print, that they already have set up, and the set up charges aren't likely to be as high, if you go that way.

    good luck with your project.

    Reminds me . . .

    A few years ago, the restaurants in New Orleans Square gave away a series of patches for Haunted Mansion Holiday. The patches, when placed together formed one scene. The next year, I saw that someone had place all those patches on the back of a jacket, and it looked real nice.

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