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    The Disney Archivists are stalking me!!

    All because of this item that I got...

    It's driving them crazy! Sure, this is the first of this variety of Disneyland brass badge to show up on the internet (it's a supervisor badge, and has his full name instead of an employee number like all the other brass badges). The Disney people read my posts here in Micechat, and then they email me about them. This obsession of mine has become my power, my pleasure, and my pain!

    Do I need to go into the Witness Protection Program?

    Hi, ED!!

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    Re: The Disney Archivists are stalking me!!

    wow, crazy, are they offering u anything?
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    Re: The Disney Archivists are stalking me!!

    It might be interesting for both you and the Archives to combine your talents and do the research - Find out who this person is (or was if he's no longer with us) and do a history interview about their days with Disney. And if there are any surviving relatives around that can offer insight into it also.

    If nothing else, it would build a provenance for the badge - Period photos of the owner wearing it would be golden.

    And there might be datable photos with previous and/or later versions of the name tag, or the family might still have these examples stashed away. (This one got lost, and found it's way to you.)

    I've seen several name tag research pages where they can only guess at when each style changed. I know Disney started out with Badge Numbers first (no names), then dropped the numbers as impersonal and went to the First Name badges.

    If you want a good starting point to find the family, see if you can get a complete name and a DOB, then try, which I'll bet you is affiliated with the LDS Church. They're big into that stuff.

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