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    The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D experience

    Only happening in Los Angeles, locals get a real treat when they catch a showing of the movie at the world famous El Capitan Theatre. Disney is running special 4D showings of Nightmare Before Christmas for a limited time later this month. What does 4D involve? In classic Disney fashion, the film will be in 3D of course with added "special effects in the theater itself. Such as wind and fog" (via Hero Complex). This is the first time these "4D Sensory Effects" will be used for a film at the El Capitan.

    I don't know how much more there will be besides just some wind and fog, but this should be a great experience for any big fans of Nightmare Before Christmas. Plus, if you want a truly all-encompassing experience, you can also participate in the Pumpkin King Dinner some of the nights, too

    Source/Info/Dates: 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' 4D - Pacific El Capitan Theatre - Los Angeles, CA 90028 | Find Local Los Angeles

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    Re: The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D experience

    ooooooooh I wanna go! haha
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    Re: The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D experience

    wow one of my favorite movies
    I am traveling now.

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    Re: The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D experience

    Itís official, Danny Elfman is making a special appearance Oct 21st for the 7p show of Nightmare B4 Xmas in 4D! Call 1-800-DISNEY6 for tix!
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    Re: The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D experience

    I miss the wider releases of the 3D version.

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