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    Disney bans cell phone use 4 employees.

    Walt Disney World workers are now prohibited from texting while driving on the job.The ban, which recently took effect, covers all Disney workers, including the 60,000 employees at Orlando-based Walt Disney World.Even before the company-wide policy was issued, Disney World employees, whose jobs involve transporting guests such as bus drivers and monorail pilots, were prohibited from texting.The ban prohibits employees from making or receiving phone calls while driving on the job unless they use an earpiece.The ban applies to workers who are either driving company vehicles or using their own vehicles while on the job.The policy does not apply to employees during their drives to or from work.
    No word if this will also happen in Anaheim but in the state of California, the law is already in full effect, and why are employees having personal cell phones on the job anyway? =)~

    Source: Disney Bans Texting While Driving For Workers - News Story - WFTV Orlando
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