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    Tangled Easter Eggs & Homages

    OK, so I took my little girl twice this holiday weekend, and was able to pay a little more attention to detail the 2nd time noticed some "homages" or easter eggs I guess...

    To start us off, I've got just a few, please add if you saw some:
    1) Rats in pub during musical sequence - similar to Ratatouille rats...
    2) Goat in same musical scene - may be similar to goat on Big Thunder (?)
    3) Flynn charging over the bridge on Maximus - awesome homage to so many action movies with a similar camera pan, but this has to be the best version

    It'll take a few more viewings, and once it's out on Blu-Ray I'm sure we'll get more comprehensive

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    Re: Tangled Easter Eggs & Homages

    i saw Pinocchio in the top right hand corner of the screen when that old guy is flying around as cupid in that musical scene!
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    Re: Tangled Easter Eggs & Homages

    How about the spinning wheel as a reference to Sleeping Beauty?

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