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    New dude here...probably posting in the wrong place with this question but I would like to ask it...

    I'm not an emotional guy in the least. I have to say though, the first 30 minutes of UP sure is sad. Any one else think the beginning of UP is sad in comparison to other kids movies? The only other Disney movie I can think of that is this sad is Fox & The Hound (my favorite Disney Movie).

    Before I close, I'd like to add that this is the reason why I love UP. It's realistic in regards to life and all the things that come with it. Same with Fox & The Hound. Life is not always perfect.

    Again, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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    Re: Up

    It probably is in the wrong place. But, anyway, I agree. The beginning of the movie is really sad. I heard teenagers saying it was a sad movie, so that has to say something.
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    Re: Up

    I can be pretty emotional, and I guess I was feeling it when watching Up. I fought SO HARD to keep back tears throughout the whole just yanked the right strings, I guess.

    Welcome, by the way. Sounds like a thread suited for the Entertainment Lounge, but I'm just glad you're making yourself seen.


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