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    Newt Cancelled one reason why

    Blue Sky Disney

    A lot of people have bemoaned the loss of Pixar's "Newt" film when it was canceled last year...

    Many Pixar fans were wondering why they would do something like this. The rants against sequels came up and several people wished that the film would be restarted. What most didn't pay attention to was the fact that Lasseter and crew took Gary Rydstrom's film debut and canceled it were the many similarities it had with a competing project: Rio.

    The project from Blue Sky Studios(makers of "Ice Age") was about the last male of a species of bird that has to mate with the remaining female of the species. This along with the part of the story where they break free and go on a journey was considered too close to their own story. So much so that there was no way to retool the story unless it were to become something completely different than what they put into production.

    Lasseter and Ed Catmull did not want another situation like what happened with "A Bug's Life" and "Antz" back when the Lamp was still new to the biz, having made only one film yet. And this time, they'd be coming after that film. This would look like they were deliberately copying Blue Sky, which Pixar had never ever planned or even wanted to do. They take pride in making films that have a particular stamp of individual creativity and the last thing John wants to be known for is ripping off someone else.

    Well, a couple days ago, the second trailer for "Rio" came out and if you watch it you can clearly see the similarities that would have been compared to Pixar's own film. It shows how uncomfortable it would have been for the company to proceed forward with this project; investing tens of millions of dollars on something that the public could turn its back on since it had saw the film already. Rio, on the other hand, moved forward and will be released in April of next year. And Blue Sky's project looks to be a well crafted, fun story. The film looks breathtakingly beautiful and very entertaining. As for Disney North; there are plenty of projects in the pipeline in the coming years to enjoy.

    Just none about the last male newt that existed...

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    Re: Newt Cancelled one reason why

    It makes sense to me. I will start doubting the Pixar braintrust when they make a bad movie.

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    Re: Newt Cancelled one reason why

    Darn bear me to posting this

    Anyway makes me not want to see Rio now.....I mean we all know Pixar would make the better movie. Hopefully Disney makes Newt in a few years since it will be a good story whether or not it has be told before.

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    Re: Newt Cancelled one reason why

    I get why they did it, just makes me sad still...Newt, from all the pictures we saw, looked great. I was really looking forward to it
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