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    First RUSH HOUR 3, now this....

    5 join captain Rifkin in indie 'Caveman'

    Ali Larter, David Carradine, Tom Arnold, Talia Shire and newcomer Hayes MacArthur have joined the cast of indie "Homo Erectus: A Caveman Comedy." Writer, director and star Adam Rifkin already has boarded the project, which is being financed by Burnt Orange Prods. The film centers on Ishbo (Rifkin), a philosophical caveman who loves Fardart (Larter), but she only has eyes for Ishbo's studly, dimwitted brother, Thudnik (MacArthur). Carradine and Shire will play Ishbo's parents, while Arnold will play Rog, a gay caveman. (Tatiana Siegel)
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    Re: First RUSH HOUR 3, now this....

    All I got to say is they got to get Ringo for that movie!

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    Re: First RUSH HOUR 3, now this....

    Atooq alunda Lana. Lar nya pooka! Haraka. Okay, you win. Zug zug.

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