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Thread: just saw rent

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    just saw rent

    Well, last night I went to the first showing of Rent at midnight. I read some of your threads about how you didn't like it... but i have to say... i enjoyed it. Maybe it was because i was with all my fellow Rentheads.. i dunno.
    The few minutes of the movie were COMPLETELY retarded... i was totally freaking out thinking that they chewed it up and then threw it all up.
    but, when my hero, Collins, came in.. all was well. he was great.
    rosario dawson... eehhh... she was ok. Adam pascal was brilliant of course. and my mom is now in love with him.
    one major problem with me:
    the whole first act does NOT happen in like, a week. it's all supposed to be christmas eve!!! wtf?
    another major problem with the movie:
    today 4 u SUCKED. i've seen the show plenty of times and i don't recall angel being so.... gay. i mean i know he is gay as a fruitcake... but come on. it was a little over the top.
    of course this movie is going to produce a lot of fake rentheads, but hey, as a major rent fan, i think it payed tribute to the original brilliance. not nearly as good though, of course.

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    Re: just saw rent

    Angel is a drag queen. How much more gay can you get?

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