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    Campaign: James Marsden for Jungle Cruise Movie

    Disney has once again started spreading word of a Jungle Cruise movie being made. But who should be the lead of such a movie.

    Personally, I would love to see a Jungle Cruise movie, with a good story. Something that will combine adventure, action, quirkyness, comedy, and a little romance, in a similar way that they Pirates movies succeeded at. But in order to do that you need to have someone at the helm, that can portray the right balance of all those things. And to introduce a movie, that could turn into a series of movies, you do need someone who is attractive, charming, funny, and still young, as this would be the first of a series.

    That someone would need to have more charisma and excitement than Nick Cage, who already had a shot in the National Treasure Movies and Sorceror's Apprentice. Tom Hanks either does funny roles or serious roles, but cannot combine those two aspects into one character. Tim Allen has had the Santa Clause movies already, and does a dad with good comedic timing, but he's frankly too old for being the lead. Tim Allen might be good a foe or a character in the movie, but NOT as the main lead.

    So who could be a new Captain Jack Sparrow or a new Indiana Jones? Someone who has been in a Disney movie already, would be a plus. Someone who can portray and eccentric character, work with CGI characters, can play a serious role and be funny at the same time. Someone who is charming and has a sense of humor, can improv, and be creative. If they could sing, that might even come in handy. And just who would fit those qualifications?

    JAMES MARSDEN! He has proven himself in the X-Men Movies, Hairspray, and as Prince Eric in Enchanted! He would be a perfect choice to be THE lead role in a Jungle Cruise Movie!

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    Re: Campaign: James Marsden for Jungle Cruise Movie

    Wasn't there talk awhile back about the possibility of Ryan Reynolds starring in this? That would have been great.

    Now Tom Hanks and Tim Allen... bleh.

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    Re: Campaign: James Marsden for Jungle Cruise Movie

    im fine with tom hanks and tim allen. that movie should be quite good.


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