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    Snow White and The Huntsman

    I lost count to how many adaptions of Snow White that Hollywood is making but I will defiantlly not seeing this version with Kristen Stewart (Twilight fame), who has landed the lead role. This Snow White will be directed by Rupert Sanders, best known for his commercials for Halo 3, Xbox and

    Kristen Stewart Really Is the Fairest of Them All

    Fri., Mar. 4, 2011 2:00 PM PST by Sharareh Drury
    Disney; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
    Looks like the good-ol' mirror, mirror on the wall has given us its answer.

    According to Deadline, Kristen Stewart is in final negotiations to take to the big screen as the ruler in the fairness department for the upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsmen.

    This is where all that experience of playing a fragile yet lovely (and slightly pale) heroine for the Twilight saga will pay off.

    The rebooted fairy tale, to be directed by Rupert Sanders, will also star Viggo Mortensen, whose character has yet to be named (but he'd definitely make one hot huntsmen!) and Charlize Theron, who is set to play the evil queen.

    This is really heating up the 2012 Snow White movie rivalry. Another flick set to hit theaters next year is The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, with Julia Roberts as its evil queen. No mention on who the fair princess will be for that film, but good luck to whoever has to go up against Stewart. That's some tough competition.

    Right now, Snow White is set to open in theaters Dec. 21, 2012. There's still plenty of time for the filmmakers to work out some kind of role for Robert Pattinson, right?
    Source: Kristen Stewart Really Is the Fairest of Them All - E! Online

    How many times you think she's going to bite her lower lip and twitch in this film? LOL

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    Re: Snow White and The Huntsman

    This is going no where good. Though she is definitely pale enough. Though she can't act and Snow White tends to be a pretty cheerful sunny person. Kristen Stewart is so emo. Not sure how this will ever work.

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    Re: Snow White and The Huntsman

    I don't think Snow White is supposed to be on drugs and hung over. Just saying.

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    Re: Snow White and The Huntsman

    bad idea to have her there, and it seems that whoever wrote the article is a twilight fan, because everyone else can see the truth of how bad an actress Kristen is
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    Re: Snow White and The Huntsman

    my favorite is his use of the term "slightly" in regards to her paleness...
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