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    Question Where do you buy your Disney Blu-Rays?

    I recently started to upgrade my Disney collection to Blu-Rays. The problem is, they are so expensive!! I grabbed Tangled at Wal Mart today because it was only 20 bucks for a combo pack. That was awesome! Haha...

    My question is, where is the best place to buy Disney blu rays at a decent price (besides walmart)? I really want to get the Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 blu ray but it's incredibly expensive. Any ideas or thoughts?

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    Re: Where do you buy your Disney Blu-Rays?

    If you haven't signed up with Disney Movie Rewards (DMR), I'd suggest you do because...

    It's not a matter of where to buy your Disney Blu-Rays, it's a matter of when to buy. Usually always in the first week of release, Disney puts up a coupon on the DMR website. This knocks the price down a bit. (i.e. Tangled 3D Combo currently has a $5 off coupon) Disney Blu-Rays (and DVDs) are probably the most expensive out there and they hardly ever come down in price, except for the less popular ones (i.e. just this evening I saw The Great Mouse Detective DVD for $10 at Walmart). The more expensive ones are the new releases and popular ones that get vaulted like the Diamond Editions (Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, etc)

    Also, you can price match. Members on the Ultimate Disney board ususally do this and find a better deal and/or double up on coupons (usually they do some dealing and wheeling with TRU and Best Buy). Here in Canada we don't get many of these types of deals unfortunately (we can price match, I just haven't been able to double up on some coupons).

    Regarding the mention of the $5 off coupon for Tangled above; this is odd because so far this is the lowest coupon savings to date. So far the coupons were for $10 or $8 off. They're getting cheap.

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    Re: Where do you buy your Disney Blu-Rays?

    Best Buy or Walt Mart have good deals the first week they come out...besides that maybe look on Amazon for a used copy to save a few dollars.

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    Re: Where do you buy your Disney Blu-Rays?

    Barbossa pretty much said what I was gonna say!! But I would add that his suggestions applies to brand new releases.

    Regarding getting good prices on already released titles, it's a matter of looking out for sales. Best Buy has had a selection of Disney titles on sale from time to time. Or buying used titles as JDR suggested. When I started getting into this, I sold DVDs of titles I planned to upgrade to Blu, so I took DVDs and CDs to my local FYE from time to time to get store credit. Then I used that to get new or used titles.

    Last thing is joining Disney Movie Rewards is easy, free, and worthwhile. Not only do they offer coupons for new titles, but when you enter the DMR codes found inside Disney titles (Blu or DVD), you can redeem points earned to get select Blu-rays from their rewards catalog for "free"; you might have to pay shipping and handling of around $3. They also used to offer a free Blu for your member anniversary date, but I'm not sure that they do that anymore.

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