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    Brad Bird on 'Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol', '1906' & 'The Incredibles' blu-ray

    The Incredibles truly announced the arrival of Brad Bird. The project represented a number of breakthroughs for Pixar. It was the animation studio’s first film with human protagonists, its first PG rating, by far its longest feature (115 minutes) at that point, and its first movie directed and written by only one person. EW recently checked in with Bird to chat about The Incredibles, which just debuted on Blu-ray in a snazzy four-disc package.

    Read the interview, in which Bird discusses the film’s influence on the animation industry, the biggest challenges in getting it made, and why the director has switched to live-action filmmaking.
    interview at:
    Brad Bird talks 'The Incredibles' (now on Blu-ray) and the upcoming 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' | Inside Movies |
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    Re: Brad Bird on 'Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol', '1906' & 'The Incredibles' blu

    Being a lover of natural disasters, a special place in my heart for earthquakes, 1906 I've been looking forward too sometime. It's seems to be on track (pre-production), again. Hoping it actually happens.

    Speaking of 1906, yesterday was the 105th anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake. On Sunday, San Francisco honored one of the last three known survivors of the quake at a survivor's lunch.

    The only known major film that took on the subject was MGM's 1936 film, San Francisco starring Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, and Spencer Tracy, who received an Academy Award for Best Actor nomination for this film.

    Pretty amazing effects for a 75 year old film, really effective even for today's standards, the quake starts after the dance at thr 1 minute mark.

    One techincal problem, the quake happened at 5:12 a.m, not in the afternoon/eveing time. =)
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